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Chrome silicon spring wire with better performance

Chrome silicon spring wire
Chrome silicon spring wire

Chrome silicon can withstand higher and lower temperatures than high-carbon steels and particularly for working conditions including high stress and applications where shock or impact loading occurs. This metal is often used as large-diameter spring wire which can handle higher stress than chrome vanadium. Chrome silicon wire spring are available in size ranges from 0.0217” to 0.312”.


  • Suitable for considerable shock and extreme high temperatures.
  • Higher stresses than Chrome Vanadium;
  • Finest surface in automotive industry.
Chemical Composition
Carbon 0.51-0.59%
Manganese 0.50-0.80%
Phosphorus 0.025 max
Sulfur 0.025 max
Silicone 1.2-1.6%
Chromium 0.60-0.80%
Diameter Tensile Strength
inch Min (ksi) Max (ksi)
0.02 305 330
0.04 300 325
0.06 295 320
0.08 290 310
0.12 280 300
0.148 275 295

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